Ecuador and its ancestral heritage

Ecuador, cradle of biodiversity and cocoa

During this trip, we explored the Ecuadorian regions, covering 2,000 km by 4×4 and over 500 km by pirogue, guided by a member of the Kichwa amazon tribes in search of lost cocoa trees. We discovered the different local cocoa varieties, each offering unique characteristics and an enchanting palette of flavor.

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Pods of all shapes and colors

🔴 Red pods are associated with the CCN-51 cocoa variety, resistant to disease and offering a fruity mucilage.

🟢 Green pods are characteristic of Criollo cocoa, renowned for its fine, aromatic taste with subtle notes of fruit and flowers.

🟡 Yellow pods often come from amazonico Criollo varieties, offering intense flavor with woody, sweet aromas. A full-bodied delight!

🟠 Orange pods can come from different varieties, such as nacional fino de aroma and amazonico, offering rich, balanced flavors with floral and fruity notes.

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